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Front-end development of the new customers portal of Sanitas (leader in Spain for health insurances). In this portal the customers can manage their appointnments, ask questions to specialists, manage their health policy, get medical reports…

I was in charge of the original front-end architecture of the project. It had the peculiarity to be composed of several separate Angular applications for each main section of the portal (15 in total). We had then to share a common JavaScript code (configuration, core services and shared components) as well as a common CSS framework with SASS. The communication between each small Angular app was mad through session storage, passing the ID of the object saved in timestamp format in the url.

In this project I worked as front-end developer (AngularJS/Html5/CSS3) but also as technical team leader (6 people) and Scrum Master.

The MVP was brought from concept to delivery in 3 months, following the Scrum methodology of 2 weeks sprints.