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Sébastien Loix - Frontend engineer
Hello! I'm a full-stack engineeer. passionate. a creative problem solver. a dreamer. an entrepreneur. a little belgian :)
I have a passion to build beautiful applications with unique user experience.
I am busy finding solutions to problems.

I am a full-stack engineer and creative problem solver who strives to create unique interactive experiences through great software.

I have experience developing complex applications in high-pressure environments. I help businesses succeed in building robust applications, making sure their software is optimized, well-tested, maintainable and scalable.

My expertise lies both in front-end development and back-end with Node.js (+ currently learning Go).
Some of the languages/technologies I use are Javascript/Typescript, React, Node.js, GraphQL, Angular, rxjs, Redux, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda…

I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I am the maintainer of a few open source projects, the main one being a Mongoose clone for the Google Datastore (gstore-node).

Current position

Since October 2018 I am working for Elastic as a principal software engineer.